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18 Feb 2020

In The End - Episode 29 - World Famous Lover, 1917, Parasite

Hosts Aditya and Srinivas are back after a brief hiatus. In the latest episode they discuss two Oscar winners 'Parasite' and '1917' along with the Telugu film 'World Famous Lover' starring Vijay Deverakonda. The discussion kicks off with 'World Famous Lover'. This Kranthi Madhav's directorial and Vijay's next after the box office debacle 'Dear Comrade' doesn't seem to have impressed Srinivas even to the least bit. He says 'Vijay experiences love, frustration, heartbreak, anger and other emotions, but audience go through nothing but annoyance all through the film, annoyance that erupts when there is no emotional connect with the protagonist on screen'. Then they jump into the best cinematography winner at the Oscars, '1917'. Aditya says it is one of the best war films he has ever watched. The film seems to have shot in one single take and you can only imagine how much work goes when you make such an attempt with a movie that is set against world war. And finally, they delve deeply into Bong Joon Ho's work 'Parasite'. This classic tale of horrifying inequality in our society leaves you with numerous points to ponder on. The master filmmaker unequivocally showcases ultra rich lives juxtaposed with slum dwellers by using cinema as a tool. Aditya, appreciating the genius of the director, says 'In the film, if you notice, the staircases symbolize socio-economic backgrounds of the two families. You always climb up when you are to go to the rich man's mansion and it is always downwards to reach the poor man's doorstep'. Check out the episode for lot more insights!